Samsung lens wb200f инструкция

samsung lens wb200f инструкция
Page 26: Charging The Battery And Turning On Your Camera, Charging The Battery, Turning On Your Camera Charging the battery and turning on your camera Charging the battery Turning on your camera Before you use the camera for the first time, you must charge the battery. The WB250F (and WB200F) boasts outstanding optical performance to make capturing great photos easy, with 18x optical zoom, a 14.2 Megapixel BSI CMOS (WB250F) or CCD (WB200F) sensor and 24mm lens. The captured photo will appear on the smart phone. Most errors with a digital camera lens are caused by dropping the camera. The dimmer the lighting, the brighter the flash needs to be to compensate, often resulting in harsh shadows on your subjects and on the walls behind them.

The cameras have been designed with smartphone users in mind, combining large touchscreen technology with faster editing and sharing to social networks.AutoShare enables images to be simultaneously sent and saved straight to a smartphone via a Wi-Fi connection as soon as the photo is taken. Farther than 138 in. (350 cm) away when you use the zoom. The audio quality is fine for a compact camera; voices are clear on the soundtrack and the sound of the lens zooming in and out is not audible. Using macro Using auto focus Use macro to capture close-up photos of subjects, such as flowers or insects. To capture sharp photos, select the appropriate focus option according to your distance from the subject. Apart from a slight halo effect to the right of the trunk, there is no sign of any chromatic aberration — where the lens doesn’t quite line up each of the available tones present in the visible spectrum.

Brightness Normal is fixed in Playback mode even if you have selected • NTSC: USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, etc Auto. Finally, as far as the hardware is concerned, it’s got Wi-Fi built in, so you can share your images directly, back them up automatically or use your smart phone as a remote viewfinder. The camera doesn’t have any problems locking onto the subject in low-light situations. It takes about 1 second to store a JPEG image, allowing you to keep shooting as they are being recorded onto the memory card. Although most digital cameras tend to function in a similar way Part 2 Repairing the Camera 1 Take out the battery and memory card.[2] A common trick with most devices (including cameras and cellphones) is to disconnect the power for a few minutes.

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