Тюнер phil pro ct-50 инструкция

тюнер phil pro ct-50 инструкция
These tuners are incredible machines, engineered great, built poor. These are on all legs for a total of 10 beads. If I’m looking at them correctly, there are 2-1/2 turns. Those two filters, in combination, produce the most horrible ‘narrow IF’ distortion I’ve ever seen/measured in a modern stock tuner. Upon close inspection, after a board is removed, and you look at the chassis pins, you can actually see some corrosion on the pins in the form of a white deposit.

The left scar is 6 weeks old, the right scar is 2 weeks old. There is a spread of LEDs to each side of the center tuning indicator that light as you off-tune.» See how this one Metric sounded compared to other top tuners on our Shootouts page. Press Menu > Setup > Closed Caption > Off. This is a very quiet tuner with just a luscious sound from bass through mids to highs. Also, it looks like they put DC blocking caps on the hot and ground audio leads going to the board, from the MPX, to float them for the balanced outputs? The only slight negative, and I realize this is very subjective, is that this tuner is nothing to look at. It’s a basic black box, period.

Select from among 32,768 different colors to match car interior and dashboard lighting. Talk about bells and whistles — this unit has it all and is well built. Many of these factors are manifestations of physiologic aging.[38] Examples include: Rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases that cause inflammation of the flexor tendons. You love the idea of a system that can be operated by the sound of your voice. It’s time to stop wishing for the next great thing because it’s here.

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