Optoma ds316l инструкция

optoma ds316l инструкция
This part was covered in dust, you can put the lens cleaner tissue against it and spin the wheel with your finger to clean off both sides. After you’ve done this, then pop the flap open and undo the screws that hold the lamp in. Customers can check whether they have a genuine Optoma lamp here: Find your projector’s replacement lamp.

After you have done this, then simply reassemble the projector by putting the lamp back in, the top back on, put the ribbon back under the black clip, pop it back down and then clip it together. Hopefully this will see me through another couple of thousand hours and as it cost nothing, then it was definitely a worthwhile fix. There is a close up of a colour wheel below, so you can see which part you need to clean. How do I know if I have a genuine Optoma lamp? Setting up is easy with handy installation utilities, and power-management solutions yield great energy savings. Manufacturer’s Description The Acer X1 series projector boasts outstanding performance with rich colours, superb clarity, excellent 3D entertainment and a true 24p frame rate for a cinema-like experience. A long-lasting lamp life and practical lamp design keep maintenance costs low.

Before I did it I was a bit nervous about dismantling it, but it was actually really easy and the fix worked perfectly. I took some photos while I did it and I have written this guide in the hope of helping some other owners out. Once you take it off, you’ll see that there are three screws in there that fit into the recessed parts of the cover. It’s pretty self explanatory but you just have to line the screws up when you put it back on. You can only do this by taking it apart. The next part is to wipe the colour wheel with the lens cleaner. I’ve labelled it on the photo. After this, you get to the exciting part, which is taking the top off.

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