Инструкция по монтажу митсубиси хеви fdt

External PCB SW5 1 2 3 SW9 Test run operation switch SW9 CNQ1 SW5 4 — Downloaded from Manuals ● Change by the JA3 Switch Function with Model selection-Energy saving JA3 (SW7-3) None Model selection-Standerd Function Defrost Setting Select For cold regions. Error detail Error code Timing of error detection Drain error (float switch motion) Wrong connection between the indoor and outdoor units. The shape of the display differs slightly on other models, but the functions are the same. Remote controller defective NO Only case of FDT (2) Is the voltage between CNW8 1-3 12V? NO Check the CNW5-8 harness. Filter button Used to reset (turn off) the filter sign. (Press for more than 1 second.) Press the button only after completing the filter cleaning.

The screen display will be switched as follows: “ SETTING” 4 Press either or “Setting: C” (ex. “AUTO RUN ON”) button. A list of “Settings: C” will be displayed one by one. Reactor exchange Approx. 20V DC Measure the voltage between 2/N and 3 of the indoor unit’s terminal block. NO Repair the connection lines. After 2 seconds, it starts again, but this occurs 4 times within a period of 1 hour. Документы можно загрузить в формате pdf или открыть прямо на сайте. Мощный поток этих сплит-систем гарантированно распространится по всему объему помещения, прокачивая воздух от пола до потолка.

Are service valves (both liquid, gas) fully opened during both cooling and heating. Is the installation space of indoor/ outdoor unit adequate? Is there any short circuit air flow for indoor/outdoor units? During operation: Lit in green In case of error: Flashing in red TIMER switch Operation/Stop switch This switch is used to select a timer mode. Air flow direction button Used to start or stop the swing louver.

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