Инструкция я гдекф

инструкция я гдекф
Selecting the Workspace View Selecting the Workspace View Click “Select View” to quickly select the view of the model. Resizing a Model Resizing a Model Resizing a Model Click “Resize Object” icon to scale the model. You can change the model at any point of planning the print by selecting the other model from the list. And they’ve learned through experience how to use design, technology and creativity to improve lives.

The models will be merged together and printed as a one piece. If you don’t want them to be printed as a one piece, resize or move the models around the workspace. You may do so with models saved in an .stl or an .obj format. 3. Select a model and click OPEN. 4. Your model is now within the workspace. To select the model, click the right mouse button. The following topics describe step by step all options of our software. Just click the “%” button to switch to “mm”. This option becomes useful whenever you want to change the height, width or thickness of the model and be sure of the precise measurements. Pros ¶ The phablet features a nice 1080p display, is slim and sleek in design, has super-fast processing prowess (when managing a single function at a time) and best of all, the phablet is water proof, shatterproof, and crack resistant. Why? Because many of our employees are also TiLite users.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra оснащен очень мощным аккумулятором на 3000 mAh, который позволяет аппарату работать до 790 часов в режиме ожидания и до 14 в режиме разговора. Infill: choose the model infill: MAXIMUM/HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW. All four types of infill are presented in the picture on the right. MAXIMUM infill allows printing with the highest strength level. Select a product Select a product2GXAero TAero XAero ZTRTRATWISTZRZRA All about you. We see a wheelchair the same way you do. As an extension of you. Приобрести Sony Xperia Z Ultra можно будет за 31 990 рублей. You can change the parameters manually or adjust the slider and click “Split” or ”Split All.” Each separate part can be saved by clicking “Export”. 3. Delete one part of the model and “Auto arrange” the other part in the workspace to prepare it for printing. The distance between these elements is crucial to avoid friction which may damage the final shape of the object.

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