Qwik tune инструкция

qwik tune инструкция
The behavior is similar with the Rect setting. At 50%, the waveform is a perfect square wave, while lower and higher values result in negative or positive pulses, respectively. After purchase, you can download your Smart Music from your Sheet Music Plus Digital Library — no software installation is necessary! English: Deutsch: Espagnol: Korean: Japanese: TronicalTune PLUS Clickstream (latest version) Download Manual for detailed instructions and important safety warnings. The Hit position can also be randomized by increasing the value of the Rd. (Random) slider below the knob.

When turned to the left, damper noise is only present during the attack phase of the note. Fixed — When enabled, the modulation oscillator’s frequency will remain fixed at the rate determined by the Freq and Multi parameters, and will not change in response to incoming MIDI notes. The Mallet SectionCollision’s Mallet Section.The Mallet section simulates the impact of a mallet against a surface. The time it takes for the envelope to reach the sustain level after the attack phase is set by the Decay knob.

These model the behavior of a mallet striking a surface, and provide Collision’s fundamental sound. The algorithm selector can be mapped to a MIDI controller, automated, or modulated in real time, just like any other parameter. When programming Tension, it may help to think about the various sections as if they really are attached to a single, physical object.

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