Часы касио g-shock инструкция 3402

часы касио g-shock инструкция 3402
Electrical energy All LEVEL 1 functions LEVEL 2 enabled LEVEL 3 Dis- charge LEVEL 4 Timekeeping Mode C C Getting Acquainted Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. To get the most out of your purchase, be sure to read this manual carefully. Цена на наручные часы позволяла даже молодежи стать обладателем этого стильного и такого желанного аксессуара. Screen To do this: Reset the seconds to Toggle between Daylight Saving Time ( ) and Standard Time ( Specify the UTC offset Change the hour or minutes Change the year Change the month or day See «Daylight Saving Time (DST)» on page E-9 for details about DST setting.

Габаритные размеры–49×45,9мм, толщина 15,8мм, вес 55г Интересное в блогах Все, что вы хотели знать о часах Обзор новинки Traser P59 Aurora GMT TR_107036Швейцарская марка Traser на сегодняшний день выпускает одни из лучших часов для военных. Further details and technical information can be found in the «Reference» section. Габаритные размеры–53,2×50мм, толщина 16,3мм, вес 74г New — 30 % Casio GA-110GD-9A-ucenka 8 250 a 11 790 a Тип механизма–кварцевый. Countdown Timer Mode C C Displayed for one second D D D E-1 E-3 E-5 Stopwatch Mode C E-7 D E-9. The UTC offset setting range is –12.0 to +14.0, in 0.5-hour units. E-8 Operation Guide 3422 Depending on the model of your watch, display text appears either as dark fi gures on a light background or light fi gures on a dark background.

Use the procedure below to enable Auto Light, which will automatically turn on display illumination whenever you tilt the watch towards for face to read it. Keep the watch exposed to bright light Bright Light Solar panel The actual level at which some functions are disabled depends on the watch model. Home time zone C C Seconds DST Day Month C C When DST is turned on, the UTC offset setting range is –11.0 to +15.0, in 0.5- hour units. 4. Press A to exit the setting screen. Some or all Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any damage functions or loss suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of this product or disabled its malfunction.

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