Аэратор аквариум инструкция

Foam does not interfere with the KeepAlive aeration process. New York: DK Publishing. pp. 9–13. ISBN 0-7894-4614-6. ^ Brunner, B: The Ocean at Home, pages 86-89 ^ «A History of the Hobby by Roger Vitko». . Subtypes exist within these types, such as the reef aquarium, a typically smaller marine aquarium that houses coral.[64] Another classification is by temperature range. You may have seen a picture or display of a unit in salt water producing large numbers of visible bubbles. Bubbles are large and do not maintain contact with the water long enough, and are of little use to good oxygenation.

The «silent» cycle is basically nothing more than densely stocking the aquarium with fast-growing aquatic plants and relying on them to consume the nitrogen, allowing the necessary bacterial populations time to develop. There are several types of kreisel tanks. In a true kreisel, a circular tank has a circular, submerged lid. Sometimes, a vigorous cleaning of the filter is enough to seriously disturb the biological balance of an aquarium.

Had an issue with one of the new pumps, called customer service, they tried to troubleshoot — sent out new pump; very kind, helpful and courteous! The KeepAlive KA902-O2 Oxygen Regulator is specifically designed for oxygen service only. Relatively large home aquaria resist rapid fluctuations of temperature and pH, allowing for greater system stability.[33] Beginner aquarists are advised to consider larger tanks to begin with, as controlling water parameters in smaller tanks can prove difficult. The water conditions must be checked both in the tank and in the replacement water, to make sure they are suitable for the species of fish kept. Check the air outlets and adjust the settings. Обратный клапан, Aquaxer таблетка, лепестковый, 2 шт.14.55 грн.0.01 грн.Акция!

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