Inno unpacker инструкция

inno unpacker инструкция
The mapping from Inno Setup constants like the application directory to subdirectories is hard-coded. The uniextract.log file is created during the extraction process by the tee program. New option -c specifies the current directory inside an installation and prevents the creation of the upper-level directories.

This update introduces support for projects on Delphi 2006. January 9, 2006 — Toolbar2000 2.1.8 released, with added support for C++Builder 2006. December 17, 2005 — Toolbar2000 2.1.7 released, now with support for Delphi 2006. November 18, 2005 — Inno Setup 5.1.6 released. The mapping from Inno Setup variables like the application directory to subdirectories is hard-coded. There are two alternate settings differing in several aspects and each having its own pros and cons. New option -a to extract all copies of duplicate files. 0.18 (2006.11.23) The reconstructed script now includes the [Types], [CustomMessages], and [Languages] sections. ROPS disassembler updated to support the latest build of ROPS. New option -f to read the password from file. Added some more values to Setup section of reconstructed script.

Press OK and the contents of the compressed file will appear in a regular one. October 11, 2006 — Inno Setup 5.1.8 released. Единственным обязательным является имя файла инсталлятора, который мы будем декомпилировать. May include an «expand:» prefix which instructs Setup to expand any constants in the name.

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