Rec-0040-02 инструкция

rec-0040-02 инструкция
Services are in addition to those provided under the Clinic Treatment license, and can be provided to students not enrolled in the Clinic Treatment program. This default applies within the stylesheet module: it does not extend to included or imported stylesheet modules. If the attribute is omitted, the default is strip. There are four «service components» in the program: Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS), Intensive Rehabilitation (IR), Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support (ORS) and Clinical Treatment. She will also need to complete the resource sections since they are not required for Basic Food. Maximum Respite Care services per consumer per year are 14 days.

This code can only be used by providers who have been designated as a Child and Family Clinic Plus provider, and who operate a licensed Clinic Treatment program serving children. This specification uses a prefix of xsl: for referring to elements in the XSLT namespace. Half-day visit: Three but less than five hours. This is done using the type and validation attributes of the xsl:element, xsl:attribute, xsl:copy, and xsl:copy-of instructions, or the xsl:type and xsl:validation attributes of a literal result element. Individual advocacy assists consumers in protecting and promoting their rights, resolving complaints and grievances, and accessing services and supports of their choice. Units of Service: Total number of paid staff hours. 3070 — Shelter Plus Care Housing (Non-Licensed Program) A federally-funded program of housing assistance specifically targeted to the homeless mentally ill.

Extension attributes may also be used to influence the behavior of the serialization methods xml, xhtml, html, or text, to the extent that the behavior of the serialization method is implementation-defined or implementation-dependent. For example, providers may not report a case management programs expenses and revenues as a discrete program on one document, but include those expenses and revenues as part of a clinic treatment program on a different document. Units of Service: Count the total number of consumer hours. 2600 CPEP Crisis Beds (Non-Licensed Program) A residential (24 hour/day) stabilization component of the CPEP, which provides supportive services for acute symptom reduction and the restoration of patients to pre-crisis level of functioning. This creates a potential problem because in the case of an expression such as data(.) instance of xs:integer the system needs to know whether the type named in the type annotation of the context node is derived by restriction from the type xs:integer.

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