Инструкция xperia tm

инструкция xperia tm
When data traffic is turned off, your device can still establish Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connections. High frequencies are reproduced with incomparable clarity. * DSEE HX is turned on and is activated when the headset is connected. Hi-res compatible headphones/headset (sold separately) is required to enjoy hi-res quality. The Google account powers many services, and the next screens are all about setting some of these up.

The camera determines a number of settings for you to fit the selected scene, ensuring the best possible video. You can enter a mobile number directly using the numeric keyboard, or you can start to type a contact’s name. If you’re entering text, matching contacts will appear below as you type. Sony equip the Xperia XA with a useful data monitor, which will track your mobile data usage and even restrict you from going over your limit. To set this up you need to visit Apps > Settings > Data usage on your handset.

Add another type of email account Adding any other type of email account is done in a broadly similar way to the Google account shown above. Tap on the correct contact to add them to the recipient list. Page 114: Finding A Lost Device To verify that the my Xperia service can locate your device, go to and sign in using either the Google™ account or the Sony Entertainment Network account that you have set up on your device. You must connect a wired headset or headphones to your device before you can use the radio. Navigate through your files by using the on-screen menu to find the item(s) you want, and tap to select them.

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